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Over 68 Million Web Sites

their phone #s, email addresses, street addresses & more.

68,778,813 Registered Domains & Their Complete Contact Info

We've compiled historical domain registration WHOIS data from 2007 to 2016 (2017 & 2018 coming soon) and their complete contact information including the owner's name, phone number, email address, street address & more.

All easily searchable by keyword, city, state & several others.

Link Building Outreach

Discover aged web sites in your same niche & shoot em' an email to request guest blog posts or request a mention.

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B2B Marketing

Geo-target business owners by city, state & keyword. Reach out to them via any of over 1000 apps connected by

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Competitive Analysis

Discover same-niche web sites, see who your competitors are & understand what they're doing different than you.

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Brand Monitoring

Automatically monitor new domain purchases to ensure your brand isn't being used without authorization or on phishing sites.

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Employee Monitoring

Automatically monitor your employees domain registration behavior to ensure non-competes are properly enforced.

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Data Appending

Bulk cross-reference your data with ours, append matched contact information, download the results or use our Zapier integration.

Coming Soon!

Robust Restful JSON API

Access our full dataset using our SQL-like programming language to get, scrub, append or accent against your own datasets or to add value to your existing product.

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We're Integrated with Zapier!

Send our data to any of over 1000 other apps connected by Zapier!
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